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LMACF COVID-19 Recovery Fund

The Lake Mills Area Community Foundation (the “Foundation”) has established a COVID-19 Recovery Fund (the “Fund”) to receive donations to benefit those in the Lake Mills area in financial need as a result of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.  It is anticipated the pandemic will make it financially challenging for area non-profits and public agencies to meet the needs for recovery from this potentially disastrous economic and health crisis.


The Fund will specifically support non-profit organizations and public entities that have a defined role in short-term and long-term recovery efforts by providing critical services including things such as emergency food distribution, shelter and long-term housing, emotional care, economic and rental assistance, education, healthcare, and more to individuals impacted by the pandemic.  Area non-profits and public entities may have to provide direct support to those in need in our community and will need the capacity to grow their services to meet these needs.  Additionally, these entities may experience shortfalls on their normal fundraising efforts because of pandemic related delays and disruptions.  The Fund will also be available to support these entities normal projects when expected funding is not received.

Grants will be made to non-profit or government organizations, and not directly to individuals or businesses.  There will be no established limit on the amount of grants; however, grant decisions will be made considering overall need and with a goal of assisting as many qualified recipients as possible.  Grant decisions will be made after consulting a diverse group of community leaders.  Final grant distributions will then be made in the sole discretion of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and in accordance with the Foundation’s policies and procedures. 

The Fund will be terminated on the earlier of the following (a) when all monies in the Fund have been expended; or (b) the Foundation has determined there is no longer a need for the Fund.  If there are monies remaining in the Fund when it is terminated, the balance of the monies will be transferred to the Foundation’s designated Public Safety Fund that supports the Lake Mills area first responders.

The Fund is able to accept tax-deductible contributions from individual donors, corporations and foundations as the Foundation is an IRS qualified 501(c)(3) charitable entity.  The Foundation will match up to $20,000 of contributions made to the Fund, waiving all administrative fees. 

Donations by check should be made payable to Lake Mills Area Community Foundation, with Covid-19 Recovery Fund in the memo line, and mailed to PO Box 33 Lake Mills, WI 53551. Alternatively, donors can make electronic donations online at

Please make sure you designate your

donation to COVID in the description.

To apply download an application.

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