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COVID-19 Recovery Grant to Lake Mills Main Street Program

The Lake Mills Area Community Foundation LMACF awarded a COVID-19 Recovery Fund Grant to the Lake Mills Main Street Program (LMMSP) to help with income lost to cancelled community events, raffles, and sponsorships. Some of the LMMSP events already cancelled are the annual Arts Festival, the Elimination Raffle, TT’s Time Out Steak & Shrimp Fundraiser and many other projected events that may need to be cancelled due to the pandemic.

Pictured above L-R are: Alisa Smith, Main Street Director, Nicole Schrier LMMSP Board Member, Wayne Magnussen, LMACF Board Member, Pam Rogers, LMACF Vice President, Aaron Genthe, LMACF President, and Carol Burrows, LMACF Board Member.

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