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2023 LMACF Board of Directors

LMACF Board Directors for 2023

Welcome our new directors: Rick Wollin and Pam Streich. Our new Elected President is Jay Smith! Brian Watson the foundation's president for the last two years will still remain on the board as a director. Pam Lazaris will take the Vice President spot in place of Pam Rogers, who has fullfilled her term with LMACF. Kerry Denson remains the Secretary/Treasurer, and Aaron Genthe continues as a non-voting director at large.

Thank you Pam Rogers for all your hard work and expertise with the Lake Mills Area Community Foundation!

Photo from left to right: Back: Rick Wollin, Brian Watson, Jay Smith (President), Rick Mason, Front: Mallory Hines (Admin. Asst.), Pam Streich, Pam Lazaris (Vice President), Kerry Denson (Secretary/Treasurer) and Aaron Genthe.

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