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Grant to help Solar Project for Jefferson County Humane Socitey

The Humane Society of Jefferson County has approached multiple partners in Jefferson County to help support a Solar Project for the Shelter. As one of the closest communities, Lake Mills area residents have a strong involvement in the HSJC. Members of the volunteer pool and Board of Directors are residents of Lake Mills and benefit by serving our community and animals.

Historically, Lake Mills residents have also made up a significant customer base for their service area. Last year more than 110 individuals and families were involved with pets with the HSJC.

The HSJC currently spends on average, around $1,500 per month on electric bills to power the shelter facility. This proposed project would install approximately 180 solar panels to help defray the cost, be energy saving, and environmentally friendly going into the future.

The Lake Mills Area Community Foundation is happy to provide a grant that supports this huge endeavor that reaches across our community. Find out more by going to their website at or stopping at the shelter at

W6126 Kiesling Rd., Jefferson.

Pictured above are Carol Burrows, LMACF Director, Aaron Genthe, LMACF President, Jeff Okazaki, the new HSJC Executive Director, and Kerry Denson, LMACF Treasurer/Secretary.

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