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LMACF High School Scholarships

“Calling All High School Seniors in Lake Mills, applications to the Lake Mills Area Community Foundation Scholarships are ready. Deadline is March 5th. All Lake Mills Area High Students are able to apply.

Our scholarships include:

Lake Mills High School Alumni Scholarship Fund

Clinton Setz Scholarship Fund

Scott Alan Ferguson Scholarship Fund

Ferguson Family Fund

Lake Mills High School Scholarship Funds:

The Bugs Sanft Scholarship

The Heinrich and Lyle Wallace Scholarship

The Marjorie Bradt Scholarship

The Brian Krull Scholarship

The Clara E. Heine Scholarship

The Vera Bohnsack Scholarship

The Marvin Maasch Scholarship

The Rachel Maasch Scholarship

Richard and Jearnice DeVor Scholarship Fund

Joshua J. Moehke Scholarship

The Lake Mills FFA Alumni Scholarship Fund has a separate application process and can also be found on the Lake Mills School District website. FFA Alumni Scholarship

To learn more about the Scholarships visit our website on the funds page.

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